Automovilistic Museum of Málaga

Automobile Museum of Malaga

Located in the old factory of the Tabacalera, in the center of Malaga, it opened in September 2010. It had an initial fleet of 80 vehicles with manufacturing date between 1898 and present. Among them is a car with a steam engine, an electric one from 1916, or one driven by a propeller from 1932. Nowadays, modern ships have been added, such as one powered by hydrogen or electricity.

Many of these vehicles are owned by Joao Manuel Magalhaes, a wealthy Portuguese businessman based in Malaga who runs the museum since its establishment. You can also find textile fashion collections and vintage items such as hats and travel bags of high economic and cultural value.

Mercedes Benz 540K

Among the jewels shown in the museum is included the Mercedes Benz 540K from 1936, a model used by the Nazi regime in World War II .

Mercedes Benz 300SL - 1955

Or this Mercedes 300SL from 1956 with its iconic ´gull-wing´ doors that resemble a bird in flight


A symbol of the “Art Deco” from 1936, an Auburn Speedster. Errol Flynn was one of his famous owners

Know everything you can doAutomobile Museum of Malaga


In a collection of almost a hundred cars, the “vehicle as a work of art“.


Haute couture distributed in 7 exhibitions of more than 200 pieces that make up the “Maga Sublime Collection” collection.


History and evolution with designs by the most innovative artists of Contemporary Art.

coche 200x500


The Museum houses different types of professional, social and cultural events.


An ideal place surrounded by an extraordinary and exclusive collection of vehicles and haute couture.


Wedding? Looking for an idyllic and original place? Do not hesitate to visit us, we will surprise you!

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  • Special tariff for Malaga residents, over 65s, large families and unemployed (proof required)
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