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Do you know what Home Staging is?

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The real estate sector is in full revolution and new methods are being imposed. Home Staging is one of them. Taking care of the aesthetic presentation of a home, preparing it in a certain way, using decoration resources, to make it more attractive and thus sell or rent it faster.

The results are extraordinary. Simply by publishing the images with the “new look” of the house on the Internet, visits have multiplied. And it is more likely to be sold or leased.

Before & After

The meaning of this expression in Spanish means something like “staging the house”. It refers to preparing the house to be sold or rented so that it draws the attention of potential buyers. Come on, make it more attractive, “appetising” with a minimum investment.

We all know how important decoration is when it comes to giving a home image. Well, that’s what we think here in Serinamar Los Naranjos, we are implementing Home Staging.

Staging your house

We show you some examples of our most recent works from this year 2017. Simply with decoration, painting and polishing of floors we can achieve spectacular results at a very reasonable price. And what´s better, it multiplies the possibility of being able to monetise your investment for rent or sale.

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