Terms and Conditions

1 July – 31 August
FREE: Up to 30 days before arrival date
Rest of the year

FREE: Up to 7 days before arrival date
All year round: The client must pay the total amount of the reservation without the right to a refund. 

10% Upon confirmation

40% One month before arrival

50% 7 days before arrival

NON-REFUNDABLE rates                                                                                                                                                           All year round: The client must pay the total amount of the reservation without the right to a refund. 

* Return charges may result in bank charges beyond our control that the customer will have to cover.
Please note that different policies may apply for reservations of 14, 21 nights or more. 

If you decide to change the dates or type of apartment, it will be understood as a new reservation and will be subject to the cancellation policy. If Apartamentos Serinamar is not able to provide the client with the property booked, it reserves the right to transfer to a property with similar characteristics.  

It implies a provisional retention of up to 400€ during your stay per each property booked (in cash or credit card provided by yourself for this type of transaction) to ensure the proper use of the apartment and its contents. By accepting the terms and conditions that are herein, any damage caused by you or your party will be deducted from your deposit and will also be liable for damages in excess of the amount deposited.  All deposits will be released in full upon departure after inspection and confirmation that the apartment is in good condition. If you are leaving the deposit in cash, please allow up to 30 mins before your departure time for the inspection of the property to take place. 

Please make sure you have updated your arrival time in order to plan and carry out their check-in in the most beneficial for all, inform us of any alterations, delays or changes in plans.etc. You can send this information by email to reservas@naranjosdemarbella.com or by phone: +34 952 81 33 62. Check in starts at 4pm.

If you arrive outside office hours, we will leave an envelope with your name on it, where you will find the keys for your apartment and the map of the complex. You are required to go to the office the following working day to do the check-in.

Departures are at 11:00 am or earlier. Any unauthorized departures after 11:00 hours will be penalized. If you require a later departure, please ask one of our Receptionist when checking-in. We will try to accommodate you providing that our next arrival is not on the same day. You may stay in the apartment until 18.00, at a cost of 50€ and providing we do not have any guest checking-in. Any departures after 18:00 will be charged the price for one night.

We very much thank you that on the day of your departure, the apartment is tidy and all rubbish is disposed correctly in the containers. Please close and lock the door and take ALL sets of keys at Reception Desk. If you leave outside office hours, place them on the envelope with your name on it and drop them in the white letter box. (The envelopes are above the  white letter box outside our office in the terrace). Make sure you have all your belongings with you. Upon notification, you can also book a taxi to leave the apartment.

Included in your Reservation: 
For 1 to 4 nights stay: 
  • On your arrival, you will have a complete set of towels per person
  • There will be NO additional change of towels during your stay
For 5 to 7 nights stay: 
  • An extra set of towels per person will be left in your apartment 
For 8 to 21 nights stay: 
  • One full cleaning and changing of towels, plus extra towels left in the apartment
For over 21 nights stay: 
Different arrangements apply. Please contact Reception 
Extra cleaning service incurs an additional fee. 
Please find our housekeeping service schedule below: 
The service is from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 5pm. 
Full cleaning & laundry change services: 
1 bedroom: 72€ 
2 bedroom: 100€ 
3 bedroom: 170€ 
4 bedroom: 225€ 
6 bedroom: 285€ 
SET OF TOWELS: 10€/per person (includes 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel) per person plus one bath mat. 
To ensure availability, please request this service minimum 3 days in advance. We would be happy to arrange this for you and help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Water, gas and electricity are included in your Reservation.

Please inform Solutions Serinamar S.L. the number of people on the reservation. Unless otherwise agreed with Solutions Serinamar SL, you will only be allowed to use the apartment for the number of guests declared when the booking was made. The number of people who may use the apartment may not exceed the capacity of each apartment booked, except for children under two years of age.

No animals are permitted without the express permission of Solutions Serinamar SL.  In the event of any breach of the above obligations, Solutions Serinamar SL in its sole discretion has the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, and the client is not entitled to claim any compensation.

Note that the terms and conditions of Solutions Serinamar SL with respect to disturbances, loud music and parties during QUIET TIME (between 10pm and 10am )are very clear: ALL ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Guests staying in one of our apartments should know that if another tenant´s complaint or a neighbour and / or the police are called, may result in immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night.

The holder of the reservation accepts on this verification form, that he/she will be responsible for the correct and decent behaviour of all the guests accompanying him/her. If that person or any other guest belonging to the same reservation do not behave properly or correctly, Solutions Serinamar SL shall be entitled to request the client and the persons accompanying to leave the apartment without the right to claim any compensation.

This will also result in the loss of prepaid rent and refundable security deposit. Also, note that by booking with Solutions Serinamar SL, you already accepted our terms and conditions and will therefore be expected to abide by these rules.

It is expected to sign these rules upon check-in on the day of arrival.

Thank you for help and cooperation on this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary as these apartments are located in residential buildings where people live. The night time to rest for the neighbour must be respected. 

Solutions Serinamar SL is not responsible for any direct or indirect incident that may arise as a result of the wrong use of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fire, theft, flood or criminal behaviour.

In case of breach of the above obligations, Solutions Serinamar SL in its sole discretion has the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, and the client is not entitled to any claim or compensation.

All detailed information about our apartments can be found on our WEBSITE. Though Solutions Serinamar SL makes every effort to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, Solutions Serinamar SL is not responsible for errors or small omissions that may arise.

Solutions Serinamar S.L. also reserves the right to change the information published on the website at any time including rates, descriptions and photographs.

Solutions Serinamar SL reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time is needed if it is in line with the company´s business.

Payment before Arrival

If you arrive outside office hours or during the weekend, please note that the total price of the reservation as well as the deposit have to be paid to be able to collect the keys for the property.

Once the accommodation has been paid and the deposit taken you will receive instructions about collecting your keys from our digital safety box that is located in front of our office. Inside the box you will find an envelope with the keys and a map to find the location of your property in the resort.